Uruha - REPORT


・Uruha is a tease. That is all.

・When Reita was spinning during LINDA, he almost hit Uruha. Uruha mouthed something like “kowai” or “chikai”, and laughed. In apology for almost hitting Uruha, Reita hugged him super hard and made him laugh.

・Encore: Aoi went behind Uruha as if he was going to hug him from behind or something, but Uruha swung his guitar around and almost hit him. Aoi moved back just in time, and when Uruha turned around, he blinked, laughed, then nodded to Aoi in apology.

・Uruha seemed really “turned on” at times during tonight’s live… *wink wink*

・Hyena fanservice: Ruki dragged his fingers over Uruha’s throat and Uruha stuck his tongue out.

・Uruha crouched down on the edge of the stage, then almost tripped over the corner of his step-up when he stood back up. He chuckled.

・It’s hard to describe, but under Uruha’s bangs, his hair is shaved down to the scalp.

・Uruha’s black lipstick still looks so good~. And he was DRIPPING with sweat tonight.

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